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Want to run your own Slack Bot as a Service?

There aren't any frameworks or toolkits that you let do so in a scalable, performant way. Most open-source Slack bots out there are meant to be run as single-player mode, but not one to serve hundreds of thousands of teams.

Check Out Relax on Github

Enter Relax

Relax is a Go-based Message Broker for Slack Bots.

What does that mean? If you are running a "bot-as-a-service" for Slack, you have to maintain hundreds (if not thousands) of websocket connections and handle the deluge of events from all these connections.

Relax does all that heavy lifting for you and provides you with a single stream of events that your web app can then take action on. The protocol is JSON based and so any web app can communicate with Relax.

Its benefits are:

  • Designed to be highly available
  • Low-Latency, High-Performance
  • Low Memory Footprint – serves 1000's of teams on a basic Heroku dyno
  • Already used in production – powers the bots behind Nestor and Dunstin
  • Open Source – run it on your own infrastructure
  • Open-source Ruby Client that you can use to connect to Relax from your Rails app

More Features Coming Soon

  • Pluggable Messaging Backends: Connect to Facebook Messenger, Hipchat, WeChat and others
  • Analytics
  • Don't want to host it yourself? Get in Touch at hello@zerobotlabs.com

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